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Bo Jensen would like to enter into serious long-term partnerships based on the sharing of information analysis and documentation. We base our solutions towards customers on analyzing the relevant system / processes and the through system optimization provide solutions that are beneficial to our partners.

With more than 20 years of work experience we are constantly developing and updating our knowledge about processes and technology in water and wastewater treatment both industrial and municipal.

Partnership with our suppliers and customers is the keyword.

Our preffered methods is good old quality salesmanship where we focus on technical selling as well as selling concepts. Focus is on the customers’ needs. Together we will achieve results and solutions that satisfy both parties. You will see us in workman’s clothing more than in a suit and tie.


Scope of business

Optimizing wastewater treatment:

Identification of and solutions for problems with bulking sludge & poor sedimentation.


Optimizing Sludge processes:

Dewatering, predewatering of sludge. Natural fibres to improve sludge rheology and cake stability.

Separation technology:

Combined chemical & mechanical separation. Filtration of technical water.



We offer:

Flocculants, coagulants, polymers, defoamers, odorcontrol, dosing equipment, . bandfilters. Selfcleaning filters.



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Bo Jensen Vandbehandling A/S


Bistrupvej 172,

DK-3460 Birkerød

CVR: 10153255


Telefon: +45 45 94 09 94

Fax: +45 45 94 09 95

E-mail: info@bjv.dk


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